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Current Version: v2.0.0 Last Update: 18/09/2023

WooCommerce SMS Notification

Με το WooCommerce SMS notifications μπορείτε να στέλνετε SMS στους πελάτες σας μέσω του λογαριασμού σας στην Lexicon Software. Λειτουργεί με ή χωρίς εγκατεστημένο το WooCommerce. Με το WooCommerce ενεργοποιημένο ξεκλειδώνονται όλες οι λειτουργίες του.


With WooCommerce SMS notifications you can send SMS notifications to your customers through Lexicon Software API account.

Works with or without WooCommerce installed. With WooCommerce enabled, all its features are unlocked.

SMS Customer notification of order status

Send independent SMS while processing the order

Display checkbox at checkout for customer's consent notification to his order status.

Display checkbox on checkout for the customer/visitor subscribing to SMS offers.

Bulk SMS sending of the contacts list

Bulk SMS sending of registered customers

Other features

NOTE: This plugin needs the username and password from your lexicon software account.

2023/09/18 - v2.0.0
Compatibility with WC High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
2023/08/26 - v1.2.0
NEW SHORTCODE: [iben_courier_name_of_voucher]. This displays the courier name in the SMS based on which courier created the voucher.
2023/07/25 - v1.1.8
Update ACS tracking URL
2023/07/14 - v1.1.7 Feature: SMS on single popup ELTA Added shortcode with the tracking link [iben_elta_sms_voucher_with_link] WC version updated 2022/04/28 - v1.1.5 Fix send SMS for custom order statuses
2022/04/28 - v1.1.4
Compatibility: iBen Courier Center plugin compatibility Shortcode

2022/02/28 - v1.1.2 - v1.1.3 Fixed checked by default checkbox
2021/11/23 - v1.1.1
Fix: insert into SMS history because Lexicon Soft was returning not UTF8 characters
2021/11/22 - v1.1.0
Minor fix: Support +30 numbers when automatically sending SMS when an order change status
2021/9/8 - v1.0.13
Add the mobile number to the manual SMS box
Fix an issue to prevent send automatically the SMS when the order states changes
2021/6/18 - v1.0.12
Feature: add hooks for 3 custom order status
2021/5/31 - v1.0.11
Minor fix default value of checkbox 'Send SMS' on edit order
2021/5/28 - v1.0.10
UX improvements for send manual single SMS
Security improvements
ELTA Courier Shortcode [iben_elta_voucher] display voucher tracking link on SMS
Count SMS message characters which include extracted shortcode real characters of tracking link
WPML compatibility
Security improvements
Feature: Added selection to enable JS on frontend and enable ajax save for checkbox SMS campaigns on my accounts dashboard + change position by filter
2021/4/16 - v1.0.8
Fix encoding issues in some cases
Added some filters for devs
2021/2/27 - v1.0.7
Compatibility: NEW iBen SPEEDEX plugin compatibility Shortcode
2021/1/5 - v1.0.6
iBen ACS voucher Shortcode compatibility
2020/12/11 - v1.0.5.2
iBen Geniki voucher Shortcode compatibility
2020/11/21 - v1.0.4.3
jQuery 3 compatibility for upcoming WP core updates
Dokan plugin minor compatibility
Fixed default checked checkbox in order
2020/10/06 - v1.0.4.2
Improvement and language updates
Edit order: Send SMS when order status change improvement
2020/10/06 - v1.0.4
Fix minor issue where the checkbox on admin edit order about customer notification SMS choice
2020/05/20 - v1.0.3.2
Support shortcode for OBS ACS voucher - [iben_obs_acs_voucher]
Support shortcode for  OBS ELTA voucher - [iben_obs_elta_voucher]
2020/04/28 - v1.0.3.1  
Minor improvement for shortcode for iBen ELTA Courier tracking number
2020/04/17 - v.1.0.3
Added shortcode [iben_elta_voucher] order tracking number for iBen ELTA Courier plugin
Shortcodes are now available in the single SMS at edit order
Minor bug fixed
2020/03/28 - v.1.0.2 Fixed js error issue when sending an SMS and respond of lexicon API is empty
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